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Check this out! Each picture either has a special meaning to me or is a special place that I have been.

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Devils Postpile 2 with border.jpg (54854 bytes)

Deer 4 with satan border.jpg (62993 bytes)

Outside Christmas Lights 2000.jpg (72501 bytes)

Devils Postpile, Mammoth, CA Soda Springs, Mammoth, CA Our House at Christmas.

The-Shoot-horses-don't-they.jpg (50887 bytes)

carolyoung.jpg (48294 bytes)

Picture of me and my dad (Jerry). Dad and Marcy on their horses. My mom Artist Carol Young.

uppermammoth.jpg (99956 bytes)

yosemitewaterfall2.jpg (74512 bytes)

Upper Mammoth, CA Awesome Oregon Waterfall. Waterfall at Yosemite, CA

oregonrandyonbridge.jpg (145081 bytes)

oregongrantonrock.jpg (137403 bytes)

randyatyosemite.jpg (129220 bytes)

Randy crossing bridge in Oregon. Grant standing on top of the rock. Randy taking a rest at Yosemite.

oregonwildgeese3.jpg (69313 bytes)

yosemitewaterfall.jpg (111072 bytes)

oregonfishladders7.jpg (85401 bytes)

Wild Canadian Geese, Roseburg Waterfall at Yosemite, CA Viewing Window at Fish Ladders.

Carolinstudio.jpg (42295 bytes)

Grandma with rooster.jpg (42921 bytes)

Tod.jpg (29521 bytes)

My mom (Carol) in her Art Studio.

My Grandma BJ at her 80th BD.

My Brother Tod at Mom's house.

oregoncoveredbridge.jpg (117918 bytes) oregonkim.jpg (143417 bytes) oregonfishladdersmomrandygrant2.jpg (104080 bytes)
Covered Bridge In Oregon. Me standing in the rain, Oregon. Randy, My Mom (Carol) & Grant.
Halloween 2.jpg (9278 bytes) grantathalloween.jpg (61972 bytes) Halloween 8.jpg (7991 bytes)
Randy at our house on Halloween. Grant my son at Halloween. Randy getting ready to scare us.