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A Little About Me!

    I enjoy making and designing crafts. I am multi-talented when it comes to crafts. Some of the crafts that I enjoy are Plastic Canvas, Crocheting, Macramé, Painting Plaster Craft, Leather Tooling, Sewing, Jewelry Making, and Cross Stitch. I used to paint some of the Plaster Craft Demo's for Craft Stores.

    I also love to camp and hike. Some of my favorite vacation spots are, Montana, Oregon, and California. On a vacation to Montana, my family went to a place called Crystal Park, you can dig in the ground for crystals. I found several small crystals that I still have. While vacationing in Oregon, there are several great hikes to waterfalls through out the Umpqua National Forest Area. My favorite vacation spot in California is Mammoth Lakes. I like to go there in the summer time to hike and sightsee.

    I have had several interesting occupations. When I was around 19 years old I worked for the National Forest Service in Roseburg, Oregon. My job was to drive down every forest service road and take pictures everywhere the road forked. I saw some beautiful sites and enjoyed being able to go out into the wilderness on a daily basis. When I was around 27 years old I got a great job for an Advertising Firm, my job was to drive around to doctors and dentist offices and deliver magazines, posters, brochures, and special laser disk programming to entertain you while you waited for your appointment. I really enjoyed this job, cause I was able to work independently, no boss breathing down my neck for eight hours a day. The company Whittle Communications went out of business, otherwise I would still be working for them.

    I am married to Randall Scott Nason, we will be celebrating our five year anniversary this year.  Randy works for a copy servicing company in San Bernardino and is the Team Leader of the technicians.  I have one son from a previous marriage. My son, Grant Vincent Wier is twenty-one  years old and is extremely knowledgeable about computers. He is still living at home and spends most of his waking time on the computer.

   I also love to watch Television, listen to music and play games. My favorite music group is U2 and my favorite TV shows are Survivor and The X-Files.

This is a picture of lead singer Bono of U2 with Frank Sinatra.