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First Name: Sephiroth
Last Name: Hojo (unused and known to a few)
Occupation: Formerly General of Shin-Ra's SOLDIER, now unemployed, seeking employment as God.
Age: Unknown, presumed thirty or so
Weapon: Masamune
Armor: Gold Armlet
Weapon Materia: six linked, one unlinked
Height: 6'1
Birthdate: Unknown (I say November 21)
Birthplace:Shin-Ra Tower
Blood Type: Unknown
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Mako green

Instruction Manual Data:

Even among the elite troops of SOLDIER, Sephiroth is known to be the best. His past is locked away in a confidential file held by Shin-Ra, Inc. His giant sword, which only he can handle, has extremely destructive power. Said to have dissapeared in a battle years ago, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Real Data

Sephiroth is the offspring of Professor Hojo of Shin-Ra, Inc. and Lucretia, the former girlfriend of Vincent Valentine. Years before the AVALANCHE crisis, Hojo, Lucretia, Professor Gast, and Vincent, who was their Turk bodyguard, went to the Mako reactor in Nibelheim. They found that Gast had preserved a specimen of what they thought was one of the Cetra, but was in reality Jenova. Lucretia was lured away from Vincent by Hojo, and they got married. Lucretia soon became pregnant, and she was treated with 'Cetra' cells to make her child an enhanced and superior being. Nine months later Lucretia gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but she nearly died in labor. The child was named Sephiroth. Soon after Sephiroth's birth, Lucretia died, and Sephiroth was put into the care of Shin-Ra, Inc. He was trained to use the massive Masamune and he was told that his mother had been named Jenova. Sephiroth felt he was diffrent from the other children, and was soon separated from others. He was enlisted into SOLDIER as an adult, and quickly rose within the ranks to become General of Shin-Ra's army. Five years before the Meteor Crisis, he was paired up with the energetic Cloud Strife, and they were sent with two oter soldiers to the Nibelheim Reactor to investigate a problem that was producing mosters. They went to the Reactor and Sephiroth found a chamber filled with pods containing people that had been turned into monsters by Mako poisoning. Sephiroth investigated further and found a room that had 'JENOVA' engraved above the door ,with a large statue inside...
Sephiroth ripped away the statue and found a hideous creature in a glass tube. At this point Sephiroth went off the deep end. The really deep end.
Sephiroth left the reactor and hid himself in the library in Shin-Ra Mansion. he read about Jenova and became convinced that he and Jenova were Ancients, and were the destined rulers of the Planet. Cloud went to check on him, and recieved a browbeating from Sephiroth on Cloud's being a 'traitor'. Sephiroth left the mansion, and when Cloud went to follow him, Sephiroth had set Nibelheim alight. The last Cloud saw of Sephiroth was his evilly grinning visage, walking through the flames to an unknown destination.