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Hubble Deep Field

Space Art Gallery

Image of bio dome on the moon

View from outside of bio dome on the moon. Landing pad to the right of image will be huge in relation to landers to keep to a minimum the moons dust. In background is solar collecting pad.

Image of bio dome on the moon

Image of aquaculture pond and main central tower. All structures on the moon and elsewhere for that matter will need to be constructed of available materials. The atmosephere inside the dome will more than likely have to be pressurized to about Earth sea level pressure approximately 15 psi. and the constituent elements in the approximate ratios found on Earth.

Image of bio dome on the moon

Image of Moon dome at night with internal sun lamps lit. The Moon as a two week long day followed by a two week long night so the domes fabric would also have to block out the sun light during the day periodically. An artificial Earth like day cycle will have to used to grow Earth plants and for the humans living in the dome.

All images created by Mark Somers using the Pov Ray Ray Tracing program.

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