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Our Irish Jaunt

22/ 05 / 01

 The Rag Tree


The Rag tree, The Rag tree
It's presence calls to me
Drawing me thru the midges
Whispering come and see

As I walk closer
Another few steps
My skin crawls with feeling
Goose bumps I get

I see the trees
Rags tied to limbs
Some ones hopes
Hanging within

Dreams of healing
Prayers of faith
A dip in the water
A wash of the face

Wee scraps of clothing
Left in this place
Tied to the tree
In this place full of Grace

In ancient splendor
surrounded in green
It's a beautiful sight
And yet unseen

It's hidden away
The Rag Tree and Pond
For time to endure
For tomorrow beyond

MarieC 2001

photo The Rag Tree 12.4KB

photo-Bridge to the Rag Tree

photo-rags on the tree 

The Rag Tree is in a little known spot on the edge of Lough Neagh. You have to fight thru the midges going across the little bridge that leads into the Glade. But that in it self may be why it is left alone and has not fallen victim to vandalism. It is a beautiful little spot and unless you know it is there you could pass within a few feet and miss it altogether. The story goes that if you wash with a piece of your clothing that has been dipped in the water of the pond, (It has special healing powers) then hang that piece of clothing on the tree. As the rag deteriorates you will be healed.

photo-900yr old grave sitephoto-900 year old church wallphoto-900yr old church

This 900 yrs old church fascinated Morrie who had never seen anything older than
200 yrs. To think it was built so long ago and still with-stands the test of time.