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Crow Visions

Crow Visions

My name is "White Horse" given to me by my Grandfather, (BlackHair). I am Crow (Apsaalooke) and very proud of my Heritage. I do not know all there is to know of the Crow but I have been learning and would like to share this knowledge with you! In this and pages to follow I will acquaint you with the Crow, from in the beginning with "Old Man Coyote" the Creator. To present day on the Crow Land in Montana!

My name in Crow is "Choo se" which you already know to be "White Horse".
My Grandfather gave me this name shortly after I was born and I have thanked him for it ever since!
I hope that you have a chance to view the links and enjoy them all! One that is special to me is the Charles Littleleaf site.

Before I go on very much further I also must stop and pay respect to My Sister whom I have great affection for. Without her friendship and inspiration I would not have even begun to walk upon the path I am now on.

I would appreciate very much if you would leave me a message letting me know where you are from and how you liked my page! Please take a while, sit and enjoy then please, go on for the story of the "Transformation" and "Old Man Coyote".

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