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Although no cataclysm occurred on or around August 11th, 1999, there were an incredible number of freak weather disasters, earthquakes and volcanic disturbances in the several weeks since. Gary D. Goodwin of the Millennium Group wrote that "the rate and strength of these disasters is without comparison from scientific history. Yes there have been individual disasters throughout time, but the combination of number and intensity is statistically significant and staggering." These are the earth changes resulting from the stress on the earth placed on it by the eclipse and grand cross, which, by the way, will continue until the next eclipse on May 3rd, 2000. Here are just a few of them:


August 11 - A freak tornado touched down in the center of Salt Lake City, killing one person and injuring 73. It completely destroyed a huge tent set up for a trade show and 34 homes, causing 170 million in damage. Tornados are so rare in Utah that this was the first tornado related fatality in the state’s history.

August 12 - Flooding in Hunan province in central China kills 100 and leaves 120,000 stranded. 30,000 homes are destroyed.

August 16 - Flooding in Sudan kills 11 in Khartoun and leaves 50,000 homeless throughout Sudan.

August 16 - Floods kill dozens in Japan due to violent downpours.

August 20 - Flash flooding in NW Iran triggered by torrential rains.

August 16 - A tornado hits the Belgian city of Tournai, injuring 5 and damaging 300 homes and 100 cars.

August 23 - A waterspout off the coast of New Jersey came ashore, injuring 2 people and damaging 12 homes.

August 30 - A tornado in Cape Town, South Africa kills 5, injures 177 and leaves 5,000 homeless.

August and September - hundreds of fires burn in Western U.S. due to a record number of lightning strikes plus record dry air and wind measurements.


August 11 - A 5.3 earthquake shakes the E. Mediterranean hours after the eclipse.

August 13 - Another 5.3 quake in the Aleutians.

August 17 - A 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest ever recorded for western Turkey, kills over 20,000 people.

August 19 - A 5.3 earthquake hits Costa Rica.

August 19 - A 5.3 earthquake centered 20 miles NW of Lima, Montana is felt as far away as Billings. It is the strongest in Montana in 40 years.

August 20 - Western and central Japan shaken by a 5.5 earthquake.

August 22 - A 6.5 quake hits the Vanuatu Islands.

August 26 - New Guinea shaken by a 6.2 quake.

August 28 - Ecuador hit by a 6.1 quake.

September 7 - Athens, Greece hit by a 5.9 quake.

September 13 - Another quake, 5.8, hits W. Turkey killing 7 more people.

September 15 - Southern Bolivia hit by a 6.4 quake.

September 18 - A 6.2 earthquake shakes the East Coast of Kamchatka.

September 21 - The most devastating earthquake in nearly a century kills 2,230 people and injures 8569 in Taiwan. The magnitude was estimated at 7.6 and there were over six thousand strong aftershocks including a 6.8 one on September 26 that killed 15 more people. Over 13,000 building were damaged or destroyed with a cost of 3.1 billion dollars.

September 30 - A 7.5 earthquake in southern Mexico kills 14 and causes extensive damage.


Mid August - Costa Rican volcanoes become active.

August 12 - The volcano, Mt. Shindako, 620 miles SW of Tokyo, becomes active.

August 25 - The volcano, Mt. Pichinaha near Quito, Ecuador, becomes active.

August 13-22 - Five explosions on Sakurajima Volcano, Japan

August 15-16 - Explosion on Semenu Volcano, Java, Indonesia.

August 17 - Kawah-Idjen volcano Java, Indonesia strongly active.

September 6 - Oldoinyo Legai Volcano, Tanganyika becomes active.

September 12 - Earthquake swarms and ground deformation at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii signal imminent eruption.

September 12 - 31 earthquakes in the last month around Kuchinoerabujima volcano, Japan indicate increasing activity.

September 22, Eruption of Mayon Volcano 210 miles SE of Manila, Philli-

pines forces evacuation of 2,000 villagers.

I could go on for another page, but by now it should be apparent that something disturbed the planet after the eclipse. The Millennium group says it was the electromagnetic effects of the passing comet Lee. Astrologers would say it was and still is the effects of the grand cross