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The Niederer Poetry Collection

Masks (1993)
untitled (1993)
Making Sense of Feelings (1994)
untitled (1993)
Stuck (1995)
Talking Back (1994/1998)
Midnight at Any Hour (1994)
Mind and Soul (1993)
Progress? (1993)
How Dare You Ask Me to Trust?! (1994)
Celebrating a Joining (1994)
Untitled (1993)
Feeling Anger (1994)
Shadow Valley (1994)
Untitled (1994)
What It's Really About (1994)
Withstanding Paradox (1994)
A Prayer of Healing (1994)
Language Limitations (1993)

Welcome to my poetry pages! Most of these poems stem from the most painful memories of my life and the excruciating struggle to find a sense of safety and stability when I was utterly overwhelmed. Writing them was a lifesaver at the time. However, you might find some of the material difficult to read, and so I want to encourage you to listen to your feelings as you read and respect your internal limits. More links will be forthcoming, so stop by often!