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Accept the challenge and win

Life can be difficult. No matter who or what we are, life always seems to bring problems. Some problems might be experienced at work. Some problems might be experienced at home.
It matters little, for any problem can cause concern, anxiety and unhappiness.

Some time ago I put this site up, and offered to assist people, free of charge, with their problems. The response was overwhelming. After several months I was forced to close it down because I couldn’t cope with the substantial demand for help.

The good news is that the site has re-opened. The bad news is that there is now a modest fee. But the cost is no more than several drinks in a bar, the price of several packets of cigarettes, or perhaps a meal at McDonalds.

Just $20

If you wish to benefit from my knowledge, if you wish to accept the challenge and seek to overcome your problems, email me at

I am not a professional counsellor. But I have experienced life.I am a former journalist and foreign correspondent, and now run my own successful public relations and communications consultancy. I act as a personal coach to many of my clients.

Simply email me at and I will do what I can to assist you, and also explain the payment process.

Give it go. You have very little to lose.

You have everything to gain.


While my site was closed, I also completed my first novel - "Stalker". It is hot and steamy thriller set in Australia. You can locate its temporary website at

A e-novel that will leave you gasping.