CGI Countdown Script

Countdown of my choice: Example!

To use the countdown script, please enter the following HTML into your webpage:

<a href=" YEAR,MONTH,DAY,HOUR,MINUTE,SECOND"> Text Here ie: Countdown to My Vacation!

Note: The times in CAPS are the parts of the time and date, that you replace with the time you wish to countdown to. Do not use spaces after the commas. ie: 1999,7,4,0,0,0 (July 4, 1999 @ midnite-July 3rd!) This is a non-continuous-running counter. Each time you want a current/updated countdown, you must reload, or access the link again. You may add a refresh meta code to update this as often or fast as you want.

CGI Random Image
Enter the full paths followed by a comma (and no spaces) to each image after

CGI Menu Direction
Below is an example of the HTML to enter into your page:

<form method=post action=> <SELECT name=URLLink> <OPTION selected=selected value=""> Please Choose A Site </OPTION> <OPTION value=>CGI Free </OPTION> <OPTION value=>Yahoo!Microsoft</OPTION> </SELECT> <input type=submit value="Direct"> </form>

CGI Browser Redirection
Enter a link from your page to, EXPLORER-LINK, OTHER-LINK, EXPLORER3.0-LINK

CGI Random Link
Enter the full paths followed by a comma (and no spaces) to each link after

CGI Random Quote
To access the random text script, enter the following HTML into your web page:

<A HREF=" QUOTE1,QUOTE2,QUOTE3,ETC"> Get a Random Quote!!

Get a Random Quote!!

Note: instead of spaces, use "%SS" and "%CC" instead of commas (,)

CGI example for Countdown Script

CGI Script Usage Help