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Studying the Inuit in Your Classroom

The Inuit are an important part of Canada's culture and heritage. The British Columbia Integrated Resource Package (IRP) states that Aboriginal Studies are based on a holistic approach that integrates the past, present and future. Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of North America and live in sophisticated, organized and self sufficent societies. The First Nations of British Columbia constitute an important part of the historical and contemporary fabric of the province. This website is designed to help teachers who intend to teach a unit of instruction on the unit. We will eventually be providing a complete unit of instruction as a reference for teachers as well as a site designed for students where they can access more information on the Inuit.

The Grade 4 Social Studies IRP states students will...
  • demonstrate awareness and appreciation of various aboriginal cultures in Canada
  • demonstrate understanding of contributions of aboriginal people to Canada
  • describe a traditional and a contemporary Aboriginal form of government
  • describe traditional technology used by Aboriginal people in Canada
  • identify economic and technological exchanges between explorers and the Aboriginal people
  • demonstrate awareness of Aboriginal people's relationship with the land and natural resources
  • identify and compare physical environments and cultures of various BC Aboriginal groups

As A Resource For Teachers Teaching the Inuit This Site Includes:

Sample Curriculum

Sample Lesson Overviews

Lesson Plans

Student Page

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This site was created by two students at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada, as an assignment for the class "Technology in the Classroom." We welcome your comments at