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In the south of Europe lies a small country called Greece. It is only a few square miles and it has nearly 11 million inhabitants. It isnt rich and it hasnt a very large army so to be feared from the rest of the world. So why Greece is so well known all over the world and why at least 10 million tourists come every year, from every country of the world and spend their vacations here? What they are coming to see?
Greece has many many square miles of beautiful beaches which attract a large amount of tourists every year mostly from countries of the central Europe like Germany and others. Greece also has many mountains, forests and caves which are suitable for activities like mountain climbing, bird watching or admire the beauty of nature. So if you like alternative forms of tourism Greece is the place to visit.
The basic attraction of Greece is it's history through the ages. Greece is the land where civilization and every science started. Greek sailors have travelled to every part of the earth. There are a lot of famous Greeks who are known worldwide actors, scientists, singers, athlets and others.
Last but not least Greece has born a lot of heroes who with their courage, strength and sometimes madness brought glory to their country and gave us the right to be proud to be Greeks.

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