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"The best Lake applets web ring"
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You must know this:

  • No site containing sexually explicit material will be included in the Ring.

  • You must have 3 or more lake applets..

  • All sites must include a method of contacting the site owner (ie:e-mail).

  • The URL (page address) you list on the form MUST be the page
    that you will be placing the Ring Display Banner on. Otherwise the ring checker will not see your site and you will not be entered into the Ring.

  • Soon after you submit your site, you will receive an email with your site ID and password, and the HTML fragment to be placed on your page. Remember your password and site ID. You will need them if you need to edit your site info. Once you receive your ID, password, and HTML fragment code, paste it onto your page and e-mail me so I can review your site...

  • You don't need to download the picture or the lake class because everything works with HTML fragment code.. But if you like to upload the picture and using your lake class you get the picture here on the buttom of this page

  • Please after you join the ring you have 10 days to paste the HTML fragment on your page after the time of 10 days if the code is not placed on your page,your site will be deleted from the ring and you will need to apply again for a new membership I check the ring new sites daily

  • 1999 eros applet

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    here the picture of the applet