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I believe in miracles and dream
that will came true.
I believe in tender moments
and friendship,
through and through.
I believe in stardust
and moonbeams all aglow.

I believe there's magic
and more there than we know,
and i believe if you cry
your tears are not in vain,
and when you're sad and lonely,
others know your pain.

I believe we don't
know what we' ve got
until we lose it,
but I also believe
we don't know what we've
been missing until arrives.

I believe that love is still
the greatest gift of all..
When it's given from the heart,
the gift is never small...

I believe if you dance
the dances of your heart that
greater happiness will find
a brand new way to start.

I believe who loses money,
loses much...
and who loses a friend,
loses more...
but I also believe
who loses faith loses all!!

1999 eros applet


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