1. ABSOLUTELY NO pornography, put downs, swearing, teasing,fighting, violence, nuedity or any other bad stuff allowed on this site! You must respect others as they respect you.

2. No importing horses from other games, but you may buy horses from sim horse dealers and bring the horse to this game if you ask me first

3. You start with up to 5 horses and 500,000 dollars.

4. This game goes by real time not sim time.

5. All horses turn one year older every January 1st, except foals, when foals are born you may "warp" their age but not past 4 years old.

6. A mare is pregnat for 2 real weeks.

7. Mares must wait one week after the foal was born to breed again or enter in any shows.

8. Stallions may only breed 2 times a week unless their discipline is stud

9. Horses may only be trained in one event. e.g. if your horses discipline is racing but you decide you want it to be an eventing horse you may have your horse retrained at the stable you are boarding at, after you retrain your horse it may not enter races anymore.

10. You must board at a stable within two weeks of joining Equine Land or else your horses will be taken away for 1 month.

11. You must register all bought horses within one week or buying them or else they will be taken away and given to someone else but the money for buying the horse will still be taken from your account

12. If you are leaving and wont have internet access for a period of time please let me know, other wise I might end up deleting you from my files.

13. Have Fun!

14. Please do not 'spam' other members.

Note: This game is updated at the very lease once a week unless I tell everyone something else. It is usually updated every other day if not more If you think I should add any other rules to this game please e-mail me, this is the first sim game i have had in a while and I dont really know what kind of rules to make.

E-mail me!