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Earthdream Itinerary !!!!


...the journey continues its evolutionary process...

Hi Folks!

Here is the visual schema for 'EARTHDREAM 2012' with more details to come soon.

Earthdream 2012 will be starting in Perth at the winter solstice on June 21st 2012 and spiralling around the Southern expanse of the Country then up the Eastern coast, travelling to the total solar eclipse outside Cairns on the 14th November 2012 at 6:40am, then moving around to climax at the most cosmic of alignment gatherings we will ever experience in our lifetime, in the Centre of Australia, outside Alice Springs at the summer solstice on the 21st December 2012, for the party at the end of time !!!

If you've been out there this year, just checking things out, I hope you've been having a great time and made good connections.

MUTATE & SURVIVE.... On the Button!

Robin Mutoid





Notes on Autonomy

  1. Be happy!
  2. Take time to Dance!
  3. Check out the amazing night skies!
  4. Remember... you are NOT in the city!
  5. Bring everything YOU need with YOU, as numbers sharing the journey are unknown. This includes reliable, well prepared vehicles and spares. Fuel and water storage systems, tools, food and very warm bedding - desert nights are COLD
  6. Keep your litter your problem!
  7. Bury your Pooh AND burn the paper, otherwise dogs dig it up again !!!
  8. Tidy up your own old tyres, bottles, T-shirts, Oil filters, sleeping bags, ripped tents, plastic bags, food cans, cooking utensils, nappies, boots, tent pegs, ciggy butts, tarps, ropes...... Oh Jeez you get the Idea!
  9. Keep things you don't enjoy, to a minimum!
  10. Do not bring your "stuff" from the past age as we are entering a new age!!!
  11. Be Loving to all Beings!
  12. Take time to Heal Yourself!
  13. Do it again next year!!!
  1. DRUGS and ALCOHOL - if you choose to be off your face you may well miss the point, surely it has reached the time to evolve past these induced states? Be clear and clean enough to induce your own natural blisses.
  2. The level system of governance implies the lateral passage of information resulting in decision. NO VERTICAL HIERARCHY. However, keep respecting your Elders.
  3. Non-destructive animals welcome.


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