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ATIS PEOPLE I have known

Frank Gremaux and Ron Chew
Gathering of the Green 2004
Bruce Mahr, Steve Triemer, ??, Paul Osterander, Frank Gremaux, Dean Van Peursum, Charlie Cook, ??, ??, Gordon Hart, Phil me with the names at

Gathering of the Green 2002.....

Gathering of the Green 2002.....
Front row..Melanie Sharps , Frank Gremaux, Paul Osterander, Mike Osterander, John Grant, The rest is ....Dean VanPeursum, Bruce Mahr, Phil Kelly, Ed Allendar, Hank Wessel, Neale Cloyd, Terry Welshans....

Gathering of the Green in Moline Ill 2000........great fun!!

Back row left to right......Ken Reese, Hank Wessel, Phil Kelley, Terry Welshans, Dean van Peursum, Dick Carlson. Front.....Charlie Cook and Frank Gremaux
Some that were there but not make the picture are: J.R. Hobbs, Gordon Hart, Duane Larson, Greg Stephen, Melanie Sharp......if you were there(and I know I am missing some)let me know and I will add you.

ATIS gathering at John Deere show in Missoula Montana 23 July 1999

This is the ATIS gathering at the Brooks Oregon show. I was not there but left to right are John Wilkins, Ron Haskell, Dean van Peursem, and J.R. Hobbs

ATIS box with George Best and Frank Gremaux at Frank's Place

John Wilkins and I in the far reaches of eastern Oregon

skip and Jerry Landis in Montana

Frank Gremaux and Ernie Thackeray