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Cracker Jack Sources

Cracker Jack: The Unauthorized Guide to Advertising Collectibles
by Larry White
178 pages, color photos, PA: Schiffer, 1998

"Featuring over 1000 photographs, this expansive guide to Cracker Jack covers all manner of company collectibles from advertising copy, books, catalogs, and crates to packages, premiums, photographs, and sales stimulators. The items detailed in this through work span the twentieth century from c. 1910up through 1998. Values for items shown are provided. Only the toys retrieved directly from Cracker Jack boxes are ecluded here, covered by the author in a separate volume." This quote was taken from the back of the book. This book focuses on Cracker Jack packaging, ads, and other non related Cracker Jack items.

Cracker Jack Toys: The Complete, Unofficial Guide for Collectors
by Larry White
262 pages, color photos, PA: Schiffer, 1997

"Cracker Jack Toys: The Complete, Unofficial Guide for Collectors represents a major contribution to the field of Cracker Jack collecting. This comprehensive guide details the prizes available from the Cracker Jack Company, beginning with prizes dating back to 1910 and continuing up into the 1990s. Over 290 color and black and white photographs (illustrating both the front and back of many prizes) aid in the identification of the early items and sets of prizes. Each prize is methodically cataloged by year and set. Current values and an index are also provided." This quote was taken from the book itself. I think that this is the best price guide for Cracker Jack collecting.

Cracker Jack Collectibles With Price Guide
by Ravi Piņa
112 pages, color photos, PA: Schiffer, 1995

"This caramel-coated popcorn treat has been a worldwide favorite since 1893, but people are just as crazy about the toy surprises inside each box as they are about the snack itself. Since 1912, more than 16 billion toys have been distributed, from baseball cards worth $100,000 to hand painted wooden and porcelain toys, tin jumping frogs, even a complete model train! This book shows many of the most sought after toys, along with a useful history of the Cracker Jack company, its world-famous popcorn treat, and the toys that people have loved for decades!" This quote came from the book itself. This book has more of the newer toys, such as the toys from the 60s-80s.

Cracker Jack Prizes
by Alex Jaramillo
out-of-print, 96 pages, color photos, New York: Abbeville Press, 1989

This book tells the history of Cracker Jack and talks about the more popular toys. This book is out of print, but from time to time I happen to see it on eBay
(an online auction, see starting a Cracker Jack collection)

Cracker Jack Collecting for Fun and Profit
by James D. Russo
out-of-print, 52 pages, black-and-white photos, privately published,1976

This was the first Cracker Jack collecting book.