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Frito-Lay done

What Frito-Lay Has Done for Cracker Jack

Frito-Lay bought Cracker Jack from Borden in 1997. Frito-Lay? I thought and most likely a lot of people thought that was it for Cracker Jack. I thought a big company like Frito-Lay would not care about the tradition and history of Cracker Jack. What happens when a big company buys a small company? They make the product as cheaply as they can, and cut benefits. I am proud to say that Frito-Lay is not one of those companies. When Frito-Lay bought Cracker Jack, they made Cracker Jack come in a bag, a bag that was bigger than it was when Borden owned Cracker Jack and it was sold in boxes!!! (Frito-Lay still makes a small box kind). Amazing!! That is how they would have made Cracker Jack cheaper. The next area that they continued the tradition in was on Cracker Jack keeping the toys in the bags. Those are the benefits that they kept.