STONEBROKE issues #1,#2,#3

Published by Raindog comics

Tom Lennon, Phil Walsh, Rob Walsh


Right, first of all I strongly suggest buying these issues bulk. Get more than one issue, you'll kick yourself if you don't.

Many people wax lyrical about the joys of childhood, of waiting eagerly for the next issue of Amazing Spiderman or whatever to pop through the letterbox. I hated that shit.

I'm glad I allowed myself to be hassled into buying the first three issues of STONEBROKE at once, I'd be truly pissed off if I had to wait to see what happened next.

The artwork gets considerably better the more you read and any slips can be easily forgiven as the well paced story keeps you turning those pages.

A standard dark-future cityscape story is flipped on it's head by making our hardass protagonists bus drivers.

Even your average joe has to be strapped in this bleak representation of the future where everything, pedestrians included seem to explode on every page.

On the buses it ain't, and while #3 is by no means an end to this story arc it draws to a tidy conclusion, hopefully satisfying me till #4, but I doubt it. It's well worth the fare to this city of the future, but for god's sake don't trust the locals.

Andy Smith tgtokyo

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