Meet the Tickner Fur Kids!

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Welcome to my web pages!

I invite you to view the pages created for and about my furkids.

My Fur Kids Pages!

"Tickner's Wee Rowdy Piper" My Rescue Boyo who put smiles back into our hearts. He is now at the Rainbow Bridge.

Piper's Waggin Train
More Piper Pictures!
Katie Scarlet - our new addition to the family!

"Keipat's Wee Miss Lizzy B" My wee elfin girlie girl! She only LOOKS innocent!

Miss Lizzy B!

"Tickner's Wee Bonnie Belle" She is now at the Rainbow Bridge, gone from my sight, but never my memories.

Memories of My Bonnie Belle

"Tickner's Lady Abigail" Abby was our 100 pound Scotty Wanna Be and Nanny to our Scots. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge too.

My Scotty Wanna Be and Guardian Angel.

Abby's Page

"Tinker Belle" Our little rescue Angel, whom we lost before she could make her way to our family, but who is part our heart inspite of that.

Our Wee Scotty Angel Tinker Belle

The Rainbow Bridge Poem

Christmas Card 2001

You will also find page links to some of my special friends and places.


Links to Special Page's

Angelscots Index Page

Carol's Wild Children Katie & Riley!