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Chapter One:

Note: I know it normally doesn't snow in Konan, but I am making it do that just for my story.

Tamahome was out in the winter's cold, but he didn't like it. He was on his way to Eiyou, the capitol of Konan. He had been told in a telepathic message from Chichiri that he needed to go to the palace. He was also informed that Tasuki and Chichiri himself would be there. Tamahome had told Chichiri that he would get right on it and that's just what he did. He packed up warm clothes, food, and any thing else he may have needed.

He also packed a ribbon, one he had found when he was a young boy. It was a light shade of blue, almost sky blue to be exact. Tamahome had found it caught on a bush one day when he was hiding from the meaner kids of his village, who always made fun of him because of the sign on his forehead. The sign that proved he was a Suzaku Seishi. Tamahome.

Shaking his head to clear it, Tamahome glanced down at the ribbon in his hand. It was frayed at the edges, but otherwise the same since the day he had found it.

Tamahome could never figure out who the ribbon belonged to. None of the girls in the village had a ribbon of that color, or texture. Finally, Tamahome gave up, and just kept it with him as a reminder to himself that he would find the owner of the ribbon someday...

"All right, Tamahome, let's see..." Tamahome said, talking to himself, "I seem to be about three miles away from Eiyou. Whew, thank Suzaku."

Tamahome kept trudging down the snow covered path toward the palace he had once called home. 'Back when I was in love with Miaka, and she was the Suzaku no Miko. Stop it, Tamahome, this is no time to be thinking of past loves.'

Tamahome's mouth was in a firm set frown as he trudged down the snow covered path. But he stopped suddenly when something cold, wet and hard hit him directly in the back of the head.

"Bulls eye!" a familiar voice shouted gleefully.

Tamahome turned around, wiping the snow off that was dripping down his neck only to find two familiar Seishi behind him.

"Konnichiwa Tamahome-kun no da," Chichiri said with a grin.

"What's up Obake-chan?" Tasuki asked, the fiendish grin still on his face.

"I'll tell you what's up--this!" Tamahome replied, flinging a snowball at Tasuki which smacked him directly in the face.

"What the--!" Tasuki half growled, half laughed as he formed another snowball in his hands, "Take that!"

Tamahome ducked, and missed the snowball by only inches. Unfortunately though, Tasuki sent another one right after that, beaming Tamahome in the chest. Tamahome flinched, then flung one right back at Tasuki, who got hit in the shoulder. Chichiri wisely stayed out of this fight, he didn't want to get wet, and he certainly didn't want to hear those two complain about the condition of their clothes after they were done fighting.

Finally, when both men had had enough of beaming one another with snow balls, they started heading down the path again. As Chichiri had suspected, Tamahome and Tasuki started sqabbling about anything and everything. Chichiri glanced down at Tama-neko, who had snuggled himself nicely into Chichiri's jacket, and was now awake after his nice little nap.

"Sleep well no da?"

Tama-neko just meowed in response. Chichiri grinned down at the cat then looked up at where they were headed. His smile grew bigger as he realized where they were.

"Tasuki! Tamahome! Look no da!"

Both Tasuki and Tamahome looked ahead of them and both grinned from ear to ear. In unison all three of them exclaimed, "Konan!"

Together, all three of the remaining Seishi ran toward the one place where so much had started and happened for all of them.

* * * *

The emperess of Konan, Houki, was overjoyed to see the three Seishi when they arrived at the palace. Her son Boushin, who never said a word, just looked at all of them with a shy smile on his little face. Houki ushered all of them into a sitting room where they could talk with a little more peace. As soon as everyone had shed off extra layers of clothing, Houki began to tell them what had happened at the palace.

"It's a good thing you three got here so soon," Houki said. "Because I've got something I need to tell you."

"What, your highness?" Tamahome asked.

"Well Tamahome, this is actually kind of complicated. I can only tell you what I know, but then you're going to have to talk to Taitsukun. Anyway, to get to the point, we now have seven visitors..."

"Visitors?" Tasuki echoed.

Houki nodded. "Yes, and two of them you might recognize. There are five young women, whom I didn't recognize, and then there was also Miaka and Yui..."

Tamahome drew in a sharp breath. "Miaka? Yui? Why are they here?"

Houki shrugged helplessly, "I don't know. I only know that they are all resting, and later on, you may go talk to them if you wish."

Tamahome stared down at the ground. 'Miaka? Yui? What are they doing here? What's going on?'

Chichiri read Tamahome's expression correctly, "Gomen Tamahome, but none of us know what's going on, but it looks like we're about to find out..."