My Shrine to Hotohori

Ah yes. Another Hottie from the one of the best series: Fushigi Yugi. This show is just filled with hotties for you to drool at. Hotohori is Emperor of Konan and also a celestial warrior. He is an wonderful swordsman and like just about every guy in this series, is infatuated with Miaka Yuuki. Unfortunately, seeing as Miaka has only eyes for Tamahome(and we all know why) Hotohori's love goes unrequited. However He marries a young woman who, coincedentally, looks like another celestial warrior, Nuriko. (Nuriko was a gay man who was in love with Hotohori and also falls for Miaka as well but I will tell you about that some other time) Hotohori, unfortunatly is killed at the end of the series. Just as soon as his son is born, he dies ::cries hysterically::. It is very depressing, seeing as Hotohori was the most loyal character in this story. He did anything and everything for Miaka and his people. Enjoy the pics, try not to cry while looking at them.