The Woman Behind the Obsession

I see you have made it this far. You must be really bored! Anyway you came to learn about me eh? Well what can I say....My name is Lynne and I'm sixteen years old. My obsession with anime has only gone on for around two years. I hate sports cause I suck at them. I like guys, guys and did I mention anime guys??? How about instead of you reading a boring paragraph of me, I will make it easier on you:

AGE: 16 (didn't I just say that)

HEIGHT: 5 foot 2 inches (if not shorter. I hate being this small)


LOCATION: I Live in Sacramento,California

MEASURMENTS: Hah! Ya pervert wouldn't YOU like to know.....

INTERESTS: anime, guys, anime guys, men, The Backstreet Boys, N Sync........(are you sensing a pattern)

PET PEEVES: People that are perfect at everything. People that are better then me at stuff(thats everyone)Guys who won't give me the time of day. Britney Spears(she's a whore with breast implants and yet mine are still bigger than hers)

MUSICAL PREFERENCE: Yes I like boy bands. In fact I love boy bands. But personally I like all music. I like oldies, Rock, Clasical, R&B, etc.

FAVORITES: Band:Backstreet Boys, N Sync; Movie:The Matrix although (this will sound strange) The Lion King is my second favorite;Color:Black, Blue, Green, Purple Anime: Ranma 1/2(Ranma is my one true love^_^ )

WORDS THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Never changing. Yes I have had the same hair style for ten years. And except for a lot of weight that I have gained, I am the same as I was when I was little.

OTHER: I am a pack rat, meaning I have basically everything anyone has ever given me. I am a victim of Divorce (My jack ass of a father cheated on my ever faithful and loving mother)And this cause me to go through a suicidal depression....But Hey! I'm okay now! Although I do miss having a father(not my father)I just miss having a male infulence in my life,a guy to be my protector. My brother hates me and probably wishes me dead so he sure doesn't do the job.

I have a decent memory, especially when it comes to un-important stuff. I never forget a face. I have a tendancy to never forget old friends even if they have forgotten me. I hold on to the past when people are eager to forget. I am currently boyfriendless~_~ I guess I'm just to innocent for most guys~_^

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