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July 4 Bead Weekend, Dutch Spiral Necklaces, Cabs,
and the Nifty Beadwork Station

Click here for Cab Shop and Cab Tutorial Loads faster and not nearly as chatty!!

Kristi, me and Michelle in our backyard

Beads, beads, everywhere; Michelle and Kristi trying our their new beadwork stations. Kristi has her Ott light one one side and her drink one the other side. Notice the difference in height to accommodate Michelle's position for working in bed. 3 different positions make the workstation very versatile and we can modify to meet your specific needs.

We had a wonderful weekend of beading and bartering and bonding. Kristi and Michelle came from Spokane, Washington to spend the weekend at my house and pick up their workstations; I had taken mine with me to the Idaho Bead Fest. Both Kristi and Michelle wanted one and Michelle needed her's a bit higher for comfort and laying on her bed at home.

The workstation came into being, because I was using a 2 lb cookie
tin for my work area and Lance decided I needed more room and built
the first one, because I was always losing something down the sides.
I also needed something that was kid and Bengal critter proof.
The workstation is 25 inches long and 11 inches wide with three inlaid
divided sections covered with felt work surface. The lid has a brass
plated draw down latch on each end. The materials used for the frame
are lodge pole pine; masonite hardboard for the lid top and table top
and the felt squares are cut to size but not glued in place in case you
would prefer the smooth table top. Beadwork is for display purposes only
and not included.

We are happy to announce the 2nd generation beadwork station. The work
surfaces lift off for storage about an inch deep and 9 1/2 by 7 1/4 inches
under each work surface and holds a lot of stuff. There are also handles
as well as the lockdown latches!!

He taught me how to sand, sand, sand and run his cordless screwdriver!!
If you are interested in having us build one for you, either a standard
size like the ones Kristi and I are using or with an elevated 6 inch
extension of the legs like the one Michelle is using because she can't
bend her knees. The price is $69.95 for the standard w/ storagesize
or add $8.00 for the elevated extension legs for a total of $77.95.
Workstation w/ all wood lid is $79.95. Shipping and insurance
is approx. $13.50 for the standard model and $14.50 for the extensions
model. For exact shipping charges, please include your zipcode with
your inquiry. They are shipped within a week to ten days of receiving
payment. You can e-mail me if you have other questions or would like to order one.

PLEASE NOTE: Postage has increased to allow for the new increased first
class rates and insurance as of January 07, 2001. We ship via first class
and insured. Postage is figured by zones and average shipping weight
is 10 and 11 pounds. There is no handling charge figured in the postage
charges, only our best guesstimates for a happy medium.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

8/24/98 Liz says "It is the perfect height
for the table that I bead on, brings the work up to a
level that isn't a strain on my back and neck - and the picnic table and
the sofa, etc. I used it all weekend long (was way to hot to do anything
else, including housework)!!"
Jo Lynn says "I received my beadwork
station today and it is awesome!! Lance does wonderful
work! I will not be without it for nothing in the world! It is
worth every cent, very convenient and for me it will help me physically
from leaning forward to do my beadwork. Its like a lap tray but custom
made for each individual. Its the most excellent working table that lays
across your lap. No words can express how helpful this will be to me!
Thanks Again Red!!!!"
8/27/98 Patty says "This workstation is
amazing. It is the perfect size to work on. It fits on my chair,
the floor and my bed. It is handy because its not too big to take
wherever I want to go, has three separate sections for a tray which are
covered in three different colored felts so that your beads are very
easy to see which ever color youre using and has a cover that has brass
latches on it so that you can leave your beads on it and close it up. Even
Mikasa hasn't been able to figure out how to get into it. The price is very
reasonable and the service that I got from Red and Lance was wonderful."
9/23/98 Cecilia says "The table arrived safe and sound on Friday
last week, I couldn't believe howfast you got it off to me.

I used it starting last night and I LOVE it!! so comfy, and the
extentions are perfect for me on the sofa. I used to bead out of a
tray balanced on my knees!! It holds an unbelieveable amount of stuff,
and even fits perfectly under my coffee table. No more beads all over
the place! My SO is grateful of that :)"
9/28/97 Lynne says "I got a Bead Workstation today in the mail from Red Ventling and
I've never seen anything more convenient for doing beadwork! It's
sturdy enough that a very rambunctious Border Collie can't knock it
over, but it is still light enough to carry around. It's ideal for
doing beadwork in bed if I'm in a lupus flare. The lid comes completely
off and I can put stuff in there that I don'tneed immediately when working,
plus the whole thing is deep enough to hold silamide spools, wire, tons of
beads, bead dishes, wire tools, anything you can think of, even knitting
and crochet supplies. This is what I've been looking for Thanks, Red!"
10/12/98 Mary says "I got my Bead Station from Red on Friday!!
This is absolutely the best thing ever! I used it all weekend and didn't spill beads once
and it was so-o-o comfortable. If anybody is "thinking" about getting one I
strongly urge you to go ahead & get a Bead Station of your very own. I
promise you will not be sorry.

My hubby has a bad back and has to lie down a lot and gets all whine-y
(did I say that?) if I stay in the den/beadroom all night. I've tried
beading in bed with a cookie sheet on my lap but the height is
uncomfortable. With the Bead Station I can bead comfortably all evening
while dh can get happily lost in the boob tube! And they lived happily
ever after! Thanks Red...Thanks Lance!!!"

My sample necklace for my Ebay and soon Boxlot bead packages that
I will be offering in the new year. These beads are larger, probably
a bit bigger than 10's; they are silver lined transparent purple and
have a great sparkle. The 2 cut grays are a size 9 for the core of the
baby rope spiral.

How I spent my Christmas holiday; I used ruby black and black charlottes
throughout, except for the white beads in the fringe. Ruby black does
not scan true to color at all. Ruby black beads are awesome.

This purple rose dutch spiral has a pattern in the peyote portion;
pattern idea suggested by Rayney, designed by me.

Baby spiral with porcelain cabachon(gifted to me by Shelle). This cab
put me on a quest for beading bezels and combining spirals and
cabachons; Karen Davis taught me the baby rope spiral. Instructions are
also on Emily's Mining Company site.

Combining my favorites, dutch spiral and picture porcelain cabachon

Another one of my picture dutch spiral necklaces; this one with dolphins.

Gold dutch spiral with beaded bezel goldstone cabachon; embellished
with goldstone beads.

Double spiked dutch spiral,lampwork center
piece by Lynne.

Spiked dutch spiral, a clear and frosty Christmas
holiday necklace.

My variation and inspiration to add the lampwork bead in the middle;
just learned that the beautiful lampwork bead is by Cousette Copeland.

Double spiked dutch spiral. Spirals are so interesting and can be made to look very different with a little variation.

With this spiral, I added a 2nd layer of baby spikes to the
design for a total 3 layers of spikes. It reminds me of frilly fluffy

I have learned how to do a beaded bezel around cabachons; I am on
a roll; and can't seem to find the off switch. These have no knots,
no glue and no backing.

Here are 2 of the cabs shown above with some scalloping added to the
edges for some minor embellishments. The unicorn vintage glass cab is
from Purple Finch I loved the way it turned out and couldn't show it until I
ordered some more. Sue and Marty are fabulous people; and now that my
order is safely on the way, I am happy to show the piece. I didn't
realize, the unicorn changes from a hot pink to a gold and then a green
depending on the way you are looking at it. The scans are not close to
displaying how beautiful that particular piece of vintage glass is!

Cab Tutorial

My interpretation of several beaded bezel cabachon recipes I have
read and studied.
1. For a 30x40 oval cab, use tubular peyote stitch; first string 78
size 11 seed beads; then go through 6 or 8 beginning beads to
form a circle which is row 1 and 2. You must always have an
even number of beads. This circle should go around the outside
of the cab. Now do 1 or 2 more rows of peyote with the size 11
2. Now go to smaller (Mill Hill or 14's) beads and do 2 or 3 more
rows of peyote snugging the thread, these rows should be pulling
in toward the center. Now lay the cab inside with the flat side
touching the rows of smaller beads. Work needle and thread to the
other side of the 11's and put in another 2 or 3 rows of the smaller
beads with the cab in place.
3. The key to doing a beaded bezel cabachon is to use the fewest
number of rows that you can to secure the cabachon in place
4. You can also do a picot/netting stitch to scallop the edges of
cab and provide more security for the cab. If you are using 78
beads, a picot of 5 beads skipping 2 spaces comes out evenly and
adds a nice finishing touch.
You can e-mail me if you have any questions. Again, I have
seen many different recipes for this technique. I think this
is the simplest and easiest and is a compilation of everything
I have seen. Enjoy!!
For another version of beading a bezel around a cabachon using a
netting technique that Sarah aka Beadnik worked out and is really
nice also.



Beaded Bezel Cabachon Tutorial Copyright 1998,1999,2000 by Red
Beaded Bezel Cabachon Tutorial is owned and all
rights are reserved by Red Ventling.