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Decision making, negotiation, physical challenge, personal values


Effective team work, decision making, task achievement, focus on personal values, physical challenge and challenge of uncertainty and imbalance exercise can be used at the beginning of group development.


1 Introduction of the story to the group (eyes closed).

"The year 2013, Lithuania.  Bebrusai anti-terrorist brigade camp.  A new operation is planned to save the whole world from terrorist attack.  According to Intelligence reports, terrorists have built a nuclear bomb and are going to blow it up.  The bomb has a time mechanism, which can only be stopped by entering the code.  The code consists of 11 letters, which build up the sentence.  Each of the ant-terrorist brigade soldiers knows one letter.  The operation begins on the 14 of September, 11.30.  The group of soldiers has 45 minutes for completing the task."

2 Introduction of rules.  Distribution of photocopied rules.

"Attention soldier

Objective - to eliminate the bomb by finding the correct code to the combination.

Intelligence reports:

1 Route 1 (lake and bridge) is longer and takes more time to complete.

2 Route 2 (swampy) is shorter and enemy troops were seen there.

3 If people are killed, it is for the group to decide who will be dead.

4  The group doesn't move until all the soldiers are ashore (at landing place).

5 It is forbidden to open your part of the code until the whole group is at the target area.

6 Dead people cannot move and talk.

In the hospital:
- Nurse I'm looking for my friend, soldier Petka
- Is he the one that stepped on the landmine?
- Yes, that's him
- He is in the rooms 14, 15 and 16"

3  Group decisions on way to choose, rules to use in the group, etc

4 Group goes by boat following the chosen way.

5  Team announces the number of killed people.

6 Group gets information and can proceed only when the whole group has landed.

7 Group decides who the killed people are and what to do with them.

8 Group moves to the finishing point and has to determine the code without the information which the "killed" people have.

9 Group has to decide when the code is completed.


2 boats (one for each route)


° How did you see the process?
° How did you see decisions were made?
° What are your impressions?
° How did you feel about the process?


At the very beginning we found out our common intention to make an activity which would be interesting to run and which focuses on personal values.

Decisions in our group were made through discussions and by mutual agreements.

We have chosen unstructured reflection because we did not want to lead (even indirectly) people towards the idea that personal values are important in the exercise.  We wanted them to feel this themselves.

© Krista, Paulius and Deividas

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