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Programme Adventure education Training
7th - 16th of September 1998

7th of September

Arrival of participants
Check in
Welcome evening with barbecue and getting to know each other

8th of September

morning :   Introduction of participants ( personal shields )
9 - 13.00.   programme and objectives
       information on the Bebrusai region
       Dividing tasks
afternoon : Experiential learning activities
Evening :   Inter cultural evening
21.00. - ....

9th - 10th of September :

Two day’s of experiential learning activities .
Two day’s hike
Action and reflection

11th of September

Morning :   reflection on the two and a half day experiential learning activities
9. - 13.00.
afternoon :  free afternoon in Vilnius
Evening :    Dinner in a typical restaurant in Vilnius

12th of September

Morning :   Time for individual reflection
9- 12.00    participants asked time to digest this new experiences and to prepare questions
                   for the afternoon session
Afternoon :  Sharing the experiences from the different groups + meta reflection
13 - 18.00   basic theory on experiential learning + discussion

Evening :     Free

13th of September :

Morning    :  Workshops
9 - 13.00      participants chose one workshop :
- communication and leadership
- group dynamics and how to build up an experiential learning programme
Afternoon :  preparation of the activities
15 -18.00    participants were split up in small groups
                    In this group they had to prepare an activity for the half of the group.
                    They had to introduce the activity and organise the reflection.

Evening :     Information on Youth for Europe programmes

14th of September

All day experiential learning activities led by the participants.
After each activity and reflection , we had a meta reflection on the activity and the way it
was organised by the small group.
Evening : free

15th of September

Morning :
9-13.00 :   How can we help each other to transfer the experience and the knowledge
                   we got in this course
                   making an action plan ( small group work )
                   Time for negotiation and discussion on co-operation between participants
 Afternoon :
14  - 16.30 :  Evaluation
17 - 20.00 : evaluation meeting by the team
Evening : Farewell party

16th  of September


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