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"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire", that is the song that played in our heads in Bebrusai, Lithuania.  As I write this, I can still hear it from time to time, burning....

You are looking at the on-line version of  the report of a training course - what will make you actually read it?

Whatever brought you to this report, I can only hope that it will give you some of the magic, the hope and the experience which the course gave us.

The team gave me complete freedom in structuring the report, which was energising and frightening at the same time.  Balint Vanyi's work on another report (The Beauty of the World published during the all different all equal campaign) inspired me to try something a little different from the usual form and content.  In the words of one of our team: "try to show some of what happened under the water too".

So, take a deep breath and jump to a page!

The "Third Eye"
Mark Taylor
Strasbourg, 01998/02003

Keep the Roof on fire!