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The group has to make some decisions together and has to cooperate.  They also have to set their own goals and be their own judge.

It's an activity to do with a group that has already shared some experiences, not with a beginning group or an ending group.


First tell the group this story:

"One day on the border of Lithuania and Latvia there was an earthquake.  There was a bridge and a big stone fell in the middle of it.

There were 5 Lithuanians who were on the side of Latvia and 6 Latvians who were on the side of Lithuania.  They want to go home, but the only way is under the bridge.  They can't use the ground and the water because there are a lot of crocodiles in it!  And they have only 40 minutes to pass below the bridge because the stone is pushing the bridge into the water.

In order to keep the bridge balanced there can only be 6 persons at any one side, otherwise the bridge will fall down.  There is only a little part of the bridge that they can use, because all the rest is smashed.

Another problem is that some people are wounded; some are blind, others cannot speak anymore and maybe there are others.  At least two people are hurt.

And, of course, the people have some luggage that they really need and they have to take with them."


Choose who are going to be the 6 Latvians and 5 Lithuanians.

Choose the wounded people - at least 1 in every group (more if you want).

You can make, if you want, other goals for the group (for example, more or less people under the bridge; take less time; have more wounded people).

This is the material you have to take (its the luggage!) and you may use:
- 2 hulahoops
- 1 ball
- 1 long rope and 2 short ropes
- 3 slings
- 2 safety belts
- 6 carabinas and one infinity connection
- 2 helmets
- some blindfolds

The 2 groups cannot talk to each other above the bridge because of the stone.  They can only communicate under the bridge.

You have now 45 minutes to prepare and do the exercise.  When you start the exercise on the bridge you split into 2 groups and speak only under the bridge.

We will secure/spot the people when they are under the bridge.

A big blue tarpaulin will represent the stone on the bridge.


How was it for you?
Did you feel safe or scared?  Why?

How were the decisions made, were you pleased with it and did you take part in it?  (thinking about - solving the problem how to go under the bridge and how many "handicapped" people you chose).

What is important to remember from this exercise for your group and for you?

[you have 5 minutes to think about and prepare short answers.  You will each have maximum 1 minute to answer.]


Our group process:

First we did some brainstorming to have a lot of ideas and we pick what we all accepted.  We saw a lot of possibilities with the bridge and then we think further and further.

Everybody could choose what they liked to do and it was fun.

How was it to be the whole day busy with this exercise?

- busy with it all day
- addicted to it
- not easy to lead the activity
- didn't expect it was that hard
- very heavy and hard in the group

- a lot of emotion came out in the group, but it was normal, a normal reaction after the exercise but, well, pretty hard.

Still have a lot of questions with no answers.

Glad that everyone say their frustration.  We recognised it with what they saw.

Glad with the exercise, there were different emotions that came out and we had a lot of feedback to work with.  Our views became wider.

We wondered about the different and strong feelings that came out in the reflection - we recognise it, but it was also a lot of tension.  It was a double feeling.

© Annick, Ricardas and Frank

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