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During the whole course, many of us were asking ourselves questions about the different experiential learning approaches we experienced.   Artûras, Mark Ricardas - amongst others - debated the WHY? question long and hard with Bart T.  To such an extent that he couldn't sleep thinking about it...  On the final day, he gave us the results of his thinking.

[Clearly, this is not an exact transcript of what he said, but it is included here to make you think too....!]

Very often the way we live is just concentrated on the thoughts, the analyses that take place in our heads.  We can imagine this by thinking of the way a child draws a person.  The head is bigger than the body; the head and the body are drawn as two closed circles.

Through our heads we learn our culture, our ways of doing things, our behaviour.  Information comes in, we process it and information goes out.

The problem is that we miss so much by just emphasising what is going on in our heads.  We miss contact with our belly!

Experiential learning can help us to open up connections between information and sensation.  We work in nature, we are talking about 'being' (not just 'doing') which means that we have to get in contact with our feelings.

If we can create these connections then we gain awareness to help us grow!

That's why experiential learning is important.

Again, I hope I did justice to what you said, Bart!

Keep the Roof on fire!!