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ApoKalYpsE...The coming factor...

LinCz...KnowlEdgE God provider
Brother Stair..Last Days Prophet

Welcome to the Knowledge God Web Base.

This Page has been updated!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the New, Updated Knowledge God Web Base. It is basically the same..but now, after some months of silence, I have come to announce a few new project ideas.

First and Foremost, an alliance. I call it the ILC, or the Intelligence League of Citizens, a people based network of intelligence based on watching the activities of our government and reporting them to a central base where they can be archived and investigated. I am that base. If you would like more information or would like to be a part of this please write to:

Joe Garcia PO Box 764 Glasgow, MT 59230

or, e-mail me at my new address (or my old one) see below.

Elohim (Yhwh) Is ReturnIng.

Also, a group is being's called the Freedom Group. For more info see above.

Popular Misconceptions of Today's "Christian".

Maybe a Catholic Church or a fishers-of-men pen? A Big Cross? Maybe Christmas and Easter holidays or even Sundays and Sacraments. Did you know these things are actually AGAINST the word of God? Inform yourself now....

This is the wAy I think of the biblical prophecies at hand...

.....A cashless society, run by the Microchip Mark of the Beast....

....The New World Order and the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Illuminati, the Elite....the BilderBergers, the Rockefellers, the creeping of Roman Catholic Paganistic "Tradition" into our churches and even the word of God. Do you think Satan is an Idiot? Do you think he would make his gradual dominion over Earth obvious?

Think again.



....A One World Fascist Government....

....the slow ripping of human rights from grasping hands....

...the revival of the Roman Empire....

....It's what they want... ...But what do you want? Inform yourself. Before it's too late.

Want to know more about your Government's plan, the Coorperate plan, and God's plan for these last days?

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I believe in God...

....Armegeddon is near.....

This page is dedicated to my Dad, who spent all of his time raising me to be a man. To my brothers and sisters. I love you all. To my fiance Joanna. My Mom, thanks for being there for me when I was making trouble. And to my son Elijah. Lord Jesus Forgive me daily , I am but the stuff of men.

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