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It's finally getting close to my favorite holiday of all. You can almost feel the love in the air! So sit back, relax, and come see the gifs I have to share! :-)) They are believed to be "public domain" however if I am wrong...let me know...and I will remove the one from my collection. Below is my index of gif pages. Hope you like the Valentine gifs I have to offer and please sign my guestbook on your way out for I would love to hear your comments! Thanks and Happy Valentines Day! xoxo ~Pam~

Looking for somthing to send to a friend or your sweetie? Click below for some great luv links. Virtual chocolates & roses you can send, Valentine greetings, poetry, games and much more. :-))

Words of LuvHearts Pg.1
Hearts Pg.2Hearts Pg.3
Lines/Bars Pg.1Lines/Bars Pg.2
Red Roses Pg.1Red Roses Pg.2
Valentine TeddiesBackgrounds Pg.1
Backgrounds Pg.2Valentine Day Banners
Valentine Gifs Pg.1Valentine Gifs Pg.2
Valentine Gifs Pg.3Valentine Gifs Pg.4
Valentine Gifs Pg.5Valentine Gifs Pg.6
Valentine Gifs Pg.7Valentine Gifs Pg.8

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