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Kenshin's Corner

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Kenshin is the sweet and extremely awsome rurouni (wanderer) on the show Rurouni Kenshin. Being and expert swords man, he trys to atone for all the lives he took as a Hitokiri Batousi, by becoming a rurouni that goes around and helps people. But his past keeps coming back to haunt him.

Kenshin is just so cool and he can do it all. He can cook, clean, babysit, fight, jump over really really big cliffs, not to mention he's really cute (but mainly when he's fighting, a lot of time he does kinda look like a girl but who cares), what more can a girl want.... too bad he's not real heheheheh.

When Kenshin is not fighting, he's this lovable, oh so sweet guy who likes to say "oro". It's just so cute. But whats really cute in this show is the relationship between Kenshin and Kaoru (the main girl in the series). Even though they're not officially a couple and they still haven't told each other how they feel, they are still so cute togther. They're love is so abvious even though neither of them will truely admit to it. Kenshin uses the excuse that they're age difference is too great since he's 28 and she's 18. But I say age doesn't matter when you're in love. He also like to say that he's not worthy of her and all that junk since he's killed so many in the past (geeez Kenshin you should get over that already).

Why does Kenshin like Kaoru? Well, lets see, she's smart, sweet, pretty, a good fighter and all that other good stuff (but like most of the anime girls she can't cook, why do they like making the girls terrible cooks), but the main reason that Kenshin fell in love with her is because when she first met him, she told him that she didn't care at all about his past. She accepted him for who he is now and invited her to live with her in her home no questions asked about hwo he was. Isn't that so sweet or what? Okay we know why Kenshin loves kaoru, but why does Kaoru love Kenshin? What's not to love hehehehehe. He's got it all like I said, and is one of the few people that eats Kaoru's cooking with no complaints. But probably the fact that he's always there for her and protects her from many harm is why she truely loves him.

If after all this you don't want to take my word about how cool he is, here are some pictures that might change your mind. Most of them were scanned from cards, pencilboards, and the artbooks. Enjoy (there might be some spoilers).

Kenshin Alone

Kenshsin and Kaoru

Kenshin with Others

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This Kenshin & Kaoru: The Eternal Couple
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