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Hayama Akito's Corner

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Hayama Akito is the devilish bad boy in the cute and hilarious anime show, Kodomo no Omocha, which translates to Child's Toy. Hayama begins in the show as a toubled little boy, who was blackmailing his teacher and causing the class to be in complete chaos. But from a little help from Sana-chan (the hyper active, funny, young actress who is the main character of the show) we soon find out that Hayama is just misunderstood.

Hayama usually has on this I don't really care mask, so he hatdly shows any emotions, but when he does it is the cutest and best parts of the show. And it's usually with Sana-chan when his emotions come out. They are such a cute couple (although in the episodes I've seen, they're not officialy a couple, but in the manga they kinda are). Even though Hayama does show his emotions from time to time, sometimes he doesn't know how to get his true feelings across, so he results to different habbits that can really and do get him into trouble with Sana. Those who've seen the show should know what I'm talking about.

Well so you can see how great Hayama is, I've put some of my favorite pictures of Hayama from the manga and the anime. Enjoy (there are some spoiler pictures).

Devilish Hayama by Himself

Hayama and Sana

Group Pictures with Hayama

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Most of the pictures I used were scanned by me from the mangas and various other objects, but the ones that weren't scanned by me (they have a star next to them) where barrowed from the following sites:

Alice's Kodomo no Omocha Webpage (Chinese) it's a really awsome Kodocha page.

Kodocha has some really cute Hayama pics.

The Animecity Gallery Has tones of pictures from just about every single anime there is.

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