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olfenstien 3D

Wolfenstien..Said to be the mother of all 3D games...To me always a classic. This "sub page", of ammazing Games From The GOD, is dedicated to this game, Wolfenstien 3-D. I was pretty much a lighty still when this first came out! You will find this page "short sweet and 2 thew piont", if I may use that cliche, Enjoy!

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People have suggested that I have a News for my web pages section so here it is:


30 May 2001 Let's Try this Again...I'm BACK... well sort of I've decided that I need 2 carry on with this site, because I've recieved quite a number of emails about the site :) SO.. Cool...Does Any One Have NE Downloads 4 me to upload here, Graphics, Missions, Editors, Music???

OctoberI've got a new site..No anoying banners and 50mb of space so I Will be updating soon...I said that 2 months ago :(

June 2000I was told that the link 2 full version of Wolf was not working...It's now fixed and working. I've got 3 more cool mods 4 Wolf, I'll stick them up ASAP....So come bookmark!!!

May 2000Ok People!!! This site is Dieing I need some files for this page. so if you've made any missions, total conversions or files PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME!

27th February 2000 I finaly got round to getting more space for files on another surver. Added: Wolf3d Screen Saver. I need more Files! if you have any please send them to me!

24th January 2000 New Year, New Stuff, new Cheats, links downloads and info added. ENJOY!

26th NovemberAs you can see updates are not regular..but it will be once my exams are over...I've got some new levels 4 U under Downloads.I've made a new layout Tell me if you think it's Better/Worse.

2nd NovemberOK Wolf3d Full version updated...!Working!

18th October 18th October-as you can see I don't update this page much...Downloads updated...Navbar Updated

Septermber 5th The beginning of my page! Hopefuly the beginning of a well kept page
I'm looking of Wolf3d links, you got a page? Email me if you do!