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Crochet Links

Links to Free Patterns

Holiday Sites

Tiny Crocheted Angel
V Stitch Mile-a-Minute
Winter White N Hook Afghan
Filet Bookmark
Silvery Bun Cover
Mitten Fridgie
Sachet, Pineapple Heart
Wedding Sampler, Filet Heart
Crocheted Sweaters for Dolls!(pattern)
Glasses Case
Around The World Afghan
Snow Hat & Scarf
Christmas Tree

For complete tutorials

and instructions

on how to get started in crochet

check out the following sites:

Mining Company

Crochet guild of America

Crochet Network

another crochet email list and web site

Crochet Partners

another crochet email list and web site

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She puffed, and she puffed, and she puffed,

Eventually, though, she came to her new home

And once there she never will roam

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