Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar)

We are cows, Jerseys and Holsteins, we moo
Grazing the grass, lots of poo
Love in a cattlefield
There are bulls, they are so big and so strong
Hoping that they will respond
All of us having, love in a cattlefield

You're sittin’ on that stool, you're milkin’ me dry
Why do you hurt my udders, it’s just making me cry
Do I make you shake, or are you making me into steak
Believe me, believe me, I don’t give a darn
But I'm trapped by the fence, and I'm kept in the barn


We're losing the herd
Will you just chew your cud or mount me from behind
And when I get too old, I’m put out to pasture
Just take care of our calves
I’m more than just a heifer, a special bovine
And if you just look and see, I’m not a mad cow


© 2007 Squirrelbait
Written by Mikey Squirrel

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