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SPIRE is a non-profit paranormal investigation group located in North Mississippi. We investigate hauntings and other paranormal activity. Our investigations are discreet and non-invasive as possible. Our aim is neither to prove nor dis-prove the existance of spirits or ghosts, but merely to gather evidence. We are not "ghost hunters" per se, because actually killing a ghost would be quite difficult and cleaning and cooking the bugger would be beyond us. We use many different tools on our investigations.. but we do not use or encourage the use of ouija boards, seances or other summoning techniques or devices. We try to rely on the things that can be quantified and measured. (more on that later).. and as I said, our services are free of charge. All funding is provided by the members of our group... donations are welcome but not solicited, nor necessary. If you are interested in becoming one of us.. and joining our one of our expeditions, or even doing research.. contact us!

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