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                                            The Kitten LeafPad


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                                                               A simple set created, while learning Photo Impact.



                                                Remember to always right click on the graphic

                                               and save the image to your own computer, cd

                                        or disk,  thank you.


                                             If you use any of our graphics, please provide

                                           a link back to our main index or this page.


                                                     Storme Designs



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                                                     This page was last raked on March 27, 2005.


                                                  This set is not for sale, but free to use on personal pages.

Disclaimer -

                                             I do not know where all the pictures come

                                                from that are used at my site.  Many I create

                                                 from tutorials or on my own.  If anyone does

                                                 not wish a graphic used that someone may have

                                              shared with me just let me know.  If it is your

                                            creation, we will be happy to provide a link

                        back to your site.