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Trinket's front legs when I first
adopted her

Trinket's legs after I trimmed her
for the first time

Trinket with her Magic Shoe on

Trinket's legs & hooves after wearing her *Magic Shoe* for 6 weeks


Mickey was the little dwarf we got in May. We have been working on his hooves trying to get them short enough so we could put some Magic Shoes on him. He has been wearing the shoes for a couple of months now, He turned 2 in September, so we were very lucky that his joints weren't fused yet. The first couple of pictures were taken when we first got him. Not only was he walking on the sides of his hooves, his shoulders were horribly distended. He would not walk with his front legs, he just used his back legs to push himself around. It was painful to watch him get around.
After a few months of trimming trying to get those front hooves opened up, he finally got his shoes. He is not standing perfect by any means, but he is sooo much better. At least it took the pressure off his shoulders and he can walk like a normal little horsie now!

Miracle before her hooves were trimmed aggressively and *Magic Shoes* applied


Miracle after her hooves were trimmed and her *Magic Shoes* were applied

Here is another great example of what the little *Magic Shoes*, patience and consistency can do for a horse.
Angel’s little legs were just like rubber when she was born and she could not even stand to nurse; her owner had to hold her up. The vet that came to the farm told the breeder that she ought to be euthanized and Bill promptly escorted that vet off of his farm! Bill was determined to save little Angel and give her the best life possible. He braced her legs so she could stand on her own, but the braces were causing pressure sores. Bill soon read a post on a Miniature Horse forum that I had made about Little Bit’s shoes, he wrote to me and asked if I would make his Angel some shoes, too. I sent Bill a pair and when he glued them to her front hooves, he was amazed at the way she was able to run and play with the shoes on! He was so happy with the results that he wrote to me and told me that they were “Angel’s little *Magic Shoes* ”…so the name stuck! Angel is 10 ½ months old now and wearing her second pair of shoes. Bill thinks that by the time Angel is a yearling; she will be barefoot & fancy-free, too!
Angel with her legs braced
Angel with her shoes on
Angel with her shoes on

An update on Bill's little Angel, who just turned 5 years old June 2nd. 2008.

Bill reports that Angel is now able to go barefooted on her right front hoof, after wearing her *Magic Shoes* for 5 years. CONGRATULATIONS little Angel!

Her left front hoof still wants to roll to the outside, ever so slightly, so Bill is continuing to apply her shoe. I am so very proud of Bill and his wife, Wanalynn, for being so diligent in keeping Angel's shoes on her all these years, I don't know of any owners that are more dedicated to their special little horse, than they are!

At the age of 6 years old, little Angel is able to go without wearing her *Magic Shoes*! Congratulations Angel and Bill!
I have to commend Bill for being so very diligent and committed in keeping Angel's shoes on her until her legs were completely corrected, and for being such a wonderful and dedicated dwarf Poppa.

Here's a new picture of Angel wearing only one shoe now.

Zoey is another success story for the little *Magic Shoes*; at the age of 3 months, Zoey got her 4 little *Magic Shoes* put on. Her farrier thought she would also have to wear braces to go along with her shoes; she just did not believe that the shoes would help little Zoey SO much! As you can see from these pictures, Zoey does not have to have any braces with her shoes.
Zoey without shoes
Zoey without her shoes
Zoey with her shoes
Zoey with her shoes on

Molly is another horse that has benefited from the shoes, but because Molly had not had her hooves trimmed for 3 ½ months and her shoes not put on, her tendons were stretched very badly. Hopefully Molly will be able to go without her braces soon.
Molly’s back legs before her shoes & braces
Molly’s back legs before her shoes & braces
Molly with her shoes & braces on
Molly with her shoes & braces on
Mollys frontlegs with one shoe on
Molly's front legs before her hooves were trimmed, with one shoe glued onto her left front hoof
Mollys front legs with hooves trimmed
Molly's front legs after her hooves were trimmed and her shoes glued on

Martini before his Magic Shoes

Martini with his Magic Shies on