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Welcome to my homeschool homepage!

Here you will find information on homeschooling in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is homeschool friendly.
This means they won't interfere much at all.
Click the link to see the laws on homeschooling in Mississippi.
Mississippi Laws Regarding Homeschooling

How do I go about homeschooling?
First off, get online and type "homeschooling" into a search engine and research it. Take notes, print, and bookmark sites of interest.
Visit your local school supply center and look at some of the books, get prices and ask questions.
Look in your phone book for Homeschool organizations.
We were given a list of them for our area from the school board. Your local school board might have a list of them, but keep in mind, they are on the public school system side of the "debate". See if there is website for your homeschool association for your area.
Here are links for the Mississippi Associations below.
Mississippi Home Educators Association>
Homeschool Information for Mississppi
If you decide to homeschool, be prepared to show a simple description of the type of education the child(ren) will be receiving to the proper school official. I walked into the office with an arm-full of books I had purchased at the local school supply store.

How much does it cost to homeschool?
This depends on you, your child and your budget. I started with $100.00 in books, a pack of notebook paper, my computer, printer, pens laying around the house, and my pre-existing internet account.
Some people go all out and purchase brand new curriculum packages an build a new room onto the house to be used as a classroom. My budget doesn't allow for this and chances are, yours doesn't either.
Homeschooling on a budget does not mean you can not give your child a good education.

What will my Family and Friends Say?
This sounds like a strange topic to discuss but, it seems to be an issue for a lot of homeschoolers around the country. People are used to "norms". Anything outside of the norm brings strange looks and doubt.
They are your children. You decide what is best for them. I suggest you print up a lot of information on homeschooling, including the laws and educate your family and friends just as you educated yourself. Get involved with a support group also.
In my case, my family thought it was a great idea. They were behind me 100%!
Since my son has been homeschooled, he has not been suspended for fighting, been in detention for talking, been exposed to drugs, or brought home a bad grade.
He has not fallen through the cracks, nor labeled and put in a "special" classroom.
Ray learns at his pace here at home. He doesn't have to sit like a statue waiting for the other kids to finish their work, he just goes on to the next thing. In fact he finished his 7th grade english workbook in 7 weeks! He couldn't do that in public school!

What About Socialization?
School is all about socialization, right? Then why do children get in trouble for talking, playing, and "socializing"?
Children get socialized wherever they may go. Whether it is Sunday School, the grocery store, Karate class, or to the park. In "real" life, they will be around a potpourri of people, not just people of their age group, their height, their color, or their religion. The school system segregates children with disabilities by placing them in special classrooms.
You are to stay with other children depending soley on your birthday. You are seated in a classroom with your "neighbor" seated to you only because his/her last name is next in alphabetical order.
Now, these are my opinions but, in "real" life, wouldn't these be grounds for lawsuit? As adults, we "socialize" with people younger and older than we are. We don't socialize with people only because their last name is close to ours and, we certainly don't line everyone up depending on their height.
My telephone still rings, my sons email is still overflowing, and my yard is still full of laughter and a pile of thrown down bicycles!
Ray was in the public school system for over 6 years, and came home one time with marks on his arm from the teacher grabbing and pinching him because he was talking in the hallway. He was suspended for fighting, introduced to drugs, and was always disciplined for talking. Isn't that the same as being disciplined for socializing?!

Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Ideas!
Some of the most helpful things I have found are right here on the internet. Be sure to check out the links below!
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Home School Legal Defense Association

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