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Many dwarves are born with very weak legs. Some dwarves have such weak fetlocks or are down so low in the pasterns that they need the help of a special little shoe to keep them from rolling over to the sides of their hooves or walking on their fetlocks. That is the way my Little Bit was and I designed him a special little horse shoe that has since been named the ”Little *Magic Shoes* ” by a gentleman who has a dwarf filly named Angel. She could not stand on her own when she was born and so the vet wrapped & braced her little legs, but after a short while she started developing pressure sores just like my Little Bit did. This man knew he had to do something different and then he read about the shoes I had made for Little Bit. This gentleman was so amazed at the result of the shoes when he glued them onto Angel’s hooves, that he wrote to me and told me that they were Angel’s little * Magic Shoes*, and so the name has stuck.
The photo below left, shows Fairy at about 3 weeks old. She was walking on all 4 fetlocks when she was born, so the vet taped tongue depressors to her hooves, which helped her some.

Fairy at three weeks old.

Fairy’s legs at 4 months old after wearing the little *Magic Shoes*; with just one shoe on her left back hoof.

Here’s Fairy at about 4 months old; barefoot and fancy free!

Precious at 5 years old.
Precious’(above) owners had some little leather braces made for her, but she learned how to pull on the Velcro straps and take them off. After several months of trying to keep the leather braces on her, and not seeing any improvement, her owners stopped putting the braces on her. Precious is 5 years old now and her joints have fused into this position, so it is too late for her legs to be corrected. Note the subluxation of her shoulders as well. Precious is watched very closely by her vet and he does not think that she is in any pain as of yet.
The little sorrel’s hooves, Chubby, he was just neglected…he is now living with Angel & her Poppa is helping Chubby to have a better life now. The farrier is working to get little Chubby’s hooves to the point where he can wear the little Magic Shoes.

There are many of these special little horses that need good loving homes, but it takes a special kind of person to care for them, especially the ones with severe dwarf characteristics. These little horses take lots of patience and love, and you have to be able to afford their many vet, and dentist bills as well. I have spent thousands of dollars on the seven little dwarves that I’ve had in the last 13 years, but they give back so much love and enjoyment; I would not trade them for the world!
If I can be of any help to someone who has a little dwarf or if you have a horse you think might benefit from some little *Magic Shoes*, please feel free to call me at 979-877-0117 or e-mail me at
Little *Magic Shoes* for "special" little horses
I also have quite a large network of dwarf Mommas & Poppas nation wide that are willing to adopt or find homes for little dwarves or “special” little horses in need of a good loving home.

I would like to say Thank You to Janell Jensen for letting me put her paper up to read.

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