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In his Mississippi: A History, Dr. John K. Bettersworth has this to say about the Pascagoula Indians:

The Pascagoulas lived, like the Biloxis, along the Pascagoula River, to which they gave their name and a famous legend. Tradition has it that the Pascagoulas were defeated in battle (probably by the Biloxis) and that, rather than submit to the enemy, the entire tribe chose to go to their deaths by joining hands and marching into the Pascagoula River, singing their death song as they drowned. To this day the Pascagoula River is called the "Singing River" because of this legend, and the echoes of the drowning Pascagoulas are said to be heard at times along the banks of the river. If the Pascagoulas did walk into the river, they must have come out on the other side; for there were Pascagoulas living peaceably in the state of Louisiana in the early part of the nineteenth century.

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