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Dr. Bettersworth on the Natchez Indians Dr. John Bettersworth describes the Natchez Indians in his Mississippi: A History as follows:

The Natchez were described as "tall, robust, and strong," and many of their warriors were more than six feet tall. The women were regarded as attractive, and so were the men. However, we may be sure that certain peculiar practices of the Natchez Indians would mar their looks from our point of view. They practiced head flattening; they slit their ears to insert earrings, sometimes having holes "large enough to pass an egg through"; they artificially blackened their teeth by rubbing them each morning with a mixture of tobacco and wood ashes; and they darkened their skins by constant rubbing with bear's oil, apparently used as a protection from sunburn and mosquitoes.

The men made a habit of plucking all of the hair from their heads except for a small spot on the top. Warriors were set apart from the remainder of the tribe by special tattoos. Whenever a brave participated in a victorious combat with another tribe, he would tattoo his right shoulder with the sign of the conquered nation.