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Classroom Rules
Owens, HW

IN ADDITION TO the district, school, and cafeteria rules, the following RULES are in effect in this classroom until further notice:

1. Food and/or drink will not be displayed or consumed in this classroom without special permission.

2. All necessary materials (pencils, pens, paper, books, etc.) will be brought to class daily. After the tardy bell sounds, all requests for materials will go through the teacher.

3. Permission to speak will be gained by raising your hand before speaking in class.

4. Others will not be interrupted while they are speaking with permission

5. Personal conversations and note passing will take place outside of the class.

6. Liquid Paper, Wite-Out, and other correction fluids are not needed in this class. Their use is forbidden.

7. The rights and property of other students and the teacher will be respected.

8. School (public) property will be respected. Defacing or destruction of school property will be dealt with severely by the office.

9. Students will remain seated unless otherwise instructed. An adequate number of pencils will be sharpened by the student before the tardy bell sounds.

10. All directions issued by the teacher and school officials will be followed.

THE FOLLOWING are the CONSEQUENCES for the student who chooses to violate any of the sets of rules (school, cafeteria, or classroom):

1. On the first minor offense of the day, the student will be directed to cease or correct the behavior. This direction will be documented.

2. On the second minor offense of the day (or on the third instance in a nine-week term), a conference will be held with the student and a detention issued. One copy of the detention will be given to the student and one copy will be mailed to the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), accompanied by a letter outlining the offense(s). Standard detention policy is then in effect.

3. Tardies to class will result in detentions. See the Secondary Student Handbook, "Attendance Policy" for details.

4. If the same offense (ex.: disruption, tardy, failure to follow instructions) requires a detention to be written three (3) times in the same nine-week term, detentions will no longer be issued. Instead, the student will be issued an office referral and may be asked to report to the office. When this is done, a letter may be sent to the parent(s) or guardian(s) outlining the offense(s). REFERRALS MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION.

5. Actions of an extreme, violent, or threatening nature will result in an immediate office referral. An example of an extreme action is refusing to cease disruption of the class after repeated warnings and/or previous issuance of detentions.