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Following are the rules of conduct for the Menzieshill Swimming and Waterpolo Club. These rules have been drawn up by the Discipline Committee, and should allow both disciplines of swimming and waterpolo to run smoothly and efficiently, and benefit all members of the club. Members failing to adhere to the Code of Conduct will be referred to the Discipline Committee and dealt with appropriately.

1.Always conduct yourself in an orderly manner when representing the club

2.Always show respect to coaches, club officials, fellow swimmers, waterpolo players and visitors to the club

3.Always be punctual for training, competitions, games and events run by the club and bring appropriate kit for the discipline you are to participate in. Make your way directly to the poolside or area you are to work in quickly and quietly.

4.Always take pride in yourself and the 'prestige' of the club name.

5. Never use foul or abusive language, nor actions/gestures which may cause offence.

6. Always wait for the coaches or official's permission before entering and leaving the swimming pool, gymnasium or other working area and abide by any special rules adhering to these areas.

7. Always take care of equipment and return it to it's proper place after use.

8. Always take care of your belongings. Do not bring valuable possessions to training sessions, or leave them in changing rooms.

9. Always inform club officials well in advance if you are unable to represent the club if selected, so that a substitute can be found. Club loyalty is expected at all times.

Any person not adhering to the Code of Conduct will be reported to the Committee and dealt with accordingly. Parents will be informed and all incidents recorded for reference by the club, District Swimming Association and Governing Body.(The Scottish Amateur Swimming Association)

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