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Over the next few months, I will be restructuring this site. The Horror page, Cossacks page and UK Pubs page have been removed. I will be keeping the popular Quiz Shows page, Pet Remembrance page and the Shopping and the Surfing 4 Cash pages. However, there will start to be more focus on Animal Cruelty and a petition to get penalties in the UK more severe.

UPDATE: The petition is now up and running. Please visit the Animal Cruelty page for more information and the link to the page to sign it. Thank-you to all those who show their support.

Due to University assignments and exams, I have been delayed in updating the website. However, I finish for the year in a couple of weeks time and will get on with all necessary updates and maybe a new look to the site. Thanks for your patience and hope you're all still getting people to sign the animal cruelty petition!



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