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Internal Darkness Distribution



Abigor-'Opus Four'-$14.00
Abigor-'Twilight Kingdom'-$14.00
Abigor-'Supreme Immortal Art'-$14.00
Abigor-'Channeling the Quintessence of Satan'-$14.00
Abhorrence-'Evoking the Abomination'-$14.00
Abominator-'Subversives for Lucifer'-$14.00NEW
Aborted-'Engineering the Dead'-$14.00NEW
Absu-'The Sun of Tiphareth'-$14.00
Absu-'The Thirdstorm'-$14.00
Anasarca-'God Machine'-$14.00
Averse Sefira-'Battle's Clarion'-$13.00NEW
Behemoth-'Thelema 6'-$13.00NEW
Belfgegor-'The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces'-$13.00NEW
Carpathian Forest-'Morbid Fascination of Death'-$14.00NEW
Centurian-'Liber Zar Zax'-$14.00NEW
Cirth Gorgor-'Onwards to the Spectral'-$14.00
Cirith Gorgor-'Unveiling the Essence'-$14.00NEW
Cradle of Filth -'Principle of Evil'-$16.00
Cradle of Filth-'Vempire'-$15.00
Cradle of Filth-'Dusk & Her Embrace'$15.00
Cradle of Filth-'Cruelty & the Beast'-$15.00
Cryptopsy-'Whisper Supremacy'-$14.00
Cryptopsy-'And Then You'll Beg'-$13.00
Dark Funeral-'Secrets of the Black Arts'-$15.00
Dark Funeral-'Vobiscum Satanas'-$16.00
Dark Funeral-'Diabolus Interium'-$15.00NEW
Dark Throne-'Ravishing Grimness'-$14.00
Deeds of Flesh-'Path of the Weakening'-$14.00
Deeds of Flesh-'Trading Pieces'-$14.00
Deeds of Flesh-'Inbreeding the Anthrophagi'-$14.00
Defleshed-'Under the Blade'-$14.00
Devilyn-'Reborn in Pain'-$14.00
Dimmu Borgir-'Enthrone the Darkness'-$14.00
Dimmu Borgir-'Spiritual Black Dimensions'-$14.00
Disgorge-'She Lay Gutted'-$14.00
Divine Empire-'Doomed to Inherit'-$14.00
Enthroned-'The Apocalypse Manifesto'-$16.00
Enthroned-'Towards the Skullthrone of Satan'-$16.00
Enthroned-'Prophecies of Pagan Fire'-$16.00
Fleshcrawl-'Blood Red Massacre'-$14.00
Fleshcrawl-'As Blood Falls From the Sky'-$14.00
Forest of Impaled-'Demonvoid'-$14.00
Gorgasm-'Stab Wound Intercourse'-$14.00
Gorgoroth-'Under the Sign of Hell'-$14.00
God Dethroned-'The Grand Grimore'-$14.00
God Dethroned-'Bloody Blasphemy'-$14.00
Hecate Enthroned-'The Slaughter of Innocence'-$15.00
Hecate Enthroned-'Dark Requiems'-$15.00
Hecate Enthroned-'Kings of Chaos'-$14.00
Impaled-'The Dead Shall Dead Remain'-$14.00
Impaled Nazarene-'Latex Cult'-$14.00
Impaled Nazarene-'Rapture'-$14.00
Immortal-'Battles in the North'-$14.00
Immortal-'Pure Holocaust'-$14.00
Immortal-'Blizzard Beasts'-$14.00
Immortal-'At the Heart of Winter'-$14.00
Immortal-'Damned in Black'-$14.00
Immortal-'Sons of Northern Darkness'-$14.00NEW
Inaeternum-'The Pestilent Plague'-$15.00
In Battle-'In Battle'-$14.00
In Battle-'The Rage of the Northern'-$14.00
Infestation-'Mass Immolation'-$14.00
InAeternum-'Forever Blasphemy'-$15.00
Internal Bleeding-'The Extinction of Benevelonce'-$14.00
Internal Bleeding-'Driven to Conquer'-$14.00
Keep of Kalessin-'Through Times of War'-$15.00
Keep of Kalessin-'A Journey Through the Dark'-$14.00
Krisiun-'Apocalyptic Revelations'-$14.00
Krisiun-'Black Forest Domain'-$14.00
Krisiun-'Conquerors of Armageddon'-$14.00
Limbonic Art-'In Abhorrence Dementia'-$15.00
Lord Belial-'Enter the Moonlight Gate'-$15.00
Lord Belial-'Unholy Crusade'-$15.00
Mactatus-'Provenance of Cruelty'-$15.00
Marduk-'Heaven Shall Burn'-$14.00
Marduk-'Opus Nocturne'-$14.00
Marduk-'Panzer Division Marduk'-$14.00
Marduk-'Those of the Unlight'-$14.00
Marduk-'Le Grande Danse Macabre'-$15.00
Mayhem-'A Grand Declaration of War'-$14.00
Mortem-'The Devil Speaks in Tongues'-$14.00
Mystic Circle-'Morgenrote-Der Schrei nach Finsternis'-$14.00
Mystic Circle-'Drachenblut'-$15.00
Mystic Circle-'Infernal Satanic Verses'-$14.00
Nifelheim-'Devils Force'-$14.00
Obtained Enslavement-'Soulblight'-$15.00
Obtained Enslavement-'Witchcraft'-$14.00
Old Man's Child-'The Pagan Prosperity'-$15.00
Old Man's Child-'Ill Natured Invasion'-$15.00
Old Man's Child-'Born of the Flickering'-$15.00
Pyrexia-'Sermon of Mockery'-$14.00
Ragnarok-'Diabolical Age'-$17.00-
Ragnarok-'In Nomine Satanas'-$14.00NEW
Rebaelliun-'Burn the Promised Land'-$14.00
Regurgitation-'Tales of Necrophilia'-$14.00
Sargoth-'Lay Eden to Ashes'-$15.00
Satyricon-'Nemesis Divina'-$14.00
Setherial--'Lords of the Night Realm'-$15.00
Setherial-'Hell Eternal'-$14.00
Sirus-'Aeons of Magick'-$14.00
Sword Master-'Post Mortem Tales'-$14.00
Thus Defiled-'Through the Impure Veil of Dawn'-$14.00
Thus Defiled-'Wings of the Night Storm'-$14.00
Triumphator-'Wings of the Antichrist'-$15.00
Thy Primordial-'Where Only Seasons Mark the Path of Time'-$16.00
Thy Primordial-'At the World of Untroden Wonder'-$16.00
Thy Primordial-'The Crowning Carnage'-$15.00NEW
Vader-'Black to the Blind'-$14.00
Vader-'De Profoundis'-$14.00
Vader-'Litany' -$14.00
Vital Remains-'Dawn of Apocalypse'-$14.00
Vomitory-'Raped in Their Own Blood'-$15.00



Dark Funeral -Secrets of the Black Arts-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$21.00
Dark Funeral -Vobiscum Satanas-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Dark Funeral -Ineffable Kings of Darkness-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$21.00
Dark Funeral -Diabolis Interium-LS-$28.00
Deeds of Flesh -Trading Pieces-Long Sleeve-$22.00
Deeds of Flesh -Path of the Weakening-Long Sleeve-$22.00
Dimmu Borgir -Sons of Satan-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Dimmu Borgir -Enthrone Darkness Triumphant-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Dimmu Borgir -Spiritual Black Dimensions-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Emperor -IX Equilibrium-Long Sleeve-$28.00
Enthroned -Commanders of Chaos Tour '98-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Enthroned -The Apocalypse Manifesto-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
God Dethroned -The Grand Grimoire-Long Sleeve-$25.00
God Dethroned -Bloody Blasphemy-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Hecate Enthroned -Slaughter of Innocence-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Hecate Enthroned -Dark Requiems-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Immortal -At the Heart of Winter-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Immortal -Unholy Forces-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Immortal -Blizzard Beast-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Internal Bleeding -Driven to Conquer-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Lord Belial -Enter the Moonlight Gate-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Lord Belial -Unholy Crusade-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Malevolent Creation -Fine Art of Murder-Short Sleeve-$18.00
Marduk -Slay the Nazarene-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Marduk -Heaven Shall Burn-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Marduk -Panzer Division Marduk-Long Sleeve-$25.00, Short Sleeve-$18.00
Marduk -Warlord -Short Sleeve-$18.00
Old Man's Child -Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion-Long Sleeve-$25.00
Satyricon -Rebel Extravaganza-Long Sleeve-$20.00
Vader -Black to the Blind-Short Sleeve-$18.00

Shipping & Handling First Item $2.00, all additional items .50 cents each Make all Money Orders out to: Tom Griffin

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