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Family Pictures - T. J. Chandler, His Siblings & Other Family Members

Thomas Jefferson Chandler

Annie Maud Chandler Moorhead Burress

Walter Chandler

Horace (left) and Thomas Jefferson Chandler

George Chandler ?
My mother, Frances, thought this was George

Richard Lee Chandler
(Photo courtesy of his granddaughter, Mary Jay Scales)

These next few pictures are no longer a mystery! They are part of a set of snapshots of Daddy Tom on a trip home to Georgia in 1936. If it was in 1936, which I believe the car tag proves, it would have been after Elisha Asbury's death and before Mary Elizabeth's death. So - is that Mary Elizabeth, Daddy Tom's mother, sitting down in the group picture? It is my understanding that Mary Ethel Chandler Teagle inherited the property owned by Elisha Asbury and Mary Elizabeth because she was willing to care for Walter. Why Walter needed care is unclear, but my mother thought he was in a wheelchair at least part of the time. The young man is probably Charles Davis Teagle, adopted son of Mary Ethel. The young ladies are Minnie and Mary Chandler, Daddy Tom's nieces and the daughters of his brother Richard. According to Mary's daughter, the photo on the car bumper has Minnie on the left and Mary on the right. Minnie would have been about 18 and Mary about 16.

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September 8, 2003