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The Border and Border Reivers
The Archbishop of Glasgow's "Monition of Cursing" against the Border Reivers — Unbelievable! Over 1500 words.
The Border Reivers — Introduction
Origin of "Reivers"
The Border Reivers
Welcome to the bastle of THE BORDER REIVERS
Reviers, Castles and Battlefields
Border Reivers
Directory of Links to the Border Reivers
The Borders — Ballads & Broadsides
The Borders of North Britain
The Border Reivers Trail (in Cumbria)
The Border Reivers of Scotland and England
Border Reivers
The Border Reivers 1400AD to 1611AD
More Border Reivers Links
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The Chandler Family Association
A Chandler Family Home Page by our cousin Frank Chandler
Biography of Joel Chandler Harris — He is related to us, according to the Chandler Family Association
Jeff Chandler — Not really a Chandler at all! His real name was Ira Grossel. I used to fantasize that maybe, just maybe, he looked a bit like Daddy Tom and must be a relation.
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Family Search — from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Census Links
Genealogical Research in North Carolina — State Library of North Carolina
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Hardy (Frances Milligan Chandler's maternal grandfather's line)
Pedigree Chart for Henry Hardy — from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Stanley and Kindred Families — Compiled by Florence and John Guttery of Jasper, Alabama, 1964.
The Stanleys came from England and they were Earls of Derby and Lord Stanleys there. I come directly through them as follows: my mother was Clara Belle Douglass (of Red Douglass clan of Scotland) and her grandmother Douglass Francis Jester Hardy whose ancestor John Hardy came 1660 to Isle of Wight County, Virginia, from England. They go back to Sir John Hardy Lord Mayor of London whose wife was Margaret de la Pole, daughter of Richard de La Pole, Earl of Suffolk and his wife Lady Mary de Stanley, daughter of George de Stanley, Earl of Derby, Surety of Magna Charta. You can find in Burke’s Peerage, this line with coat of arms, etc.
HARDY (1510-1965) of England and Virginia by Jeannette Holland Austin — Begins with Sir John Hardy, Lord Mayor of London; Bedfordshire; Isle of Wight and Lunenburg Co.'s, VA. ($15 floppy disk for sale with more information)
Descendants of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charlemagne — See Descendant 324 (Mary Stanley) or use "Find in Page" to search for Hardy
Descendants of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charlemagne — main page
Charlemagne — one paragraph biography from
Charlemagne — Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire – includes timeline, map, links
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The Johnstone Clan
The Clan Johnstone
The Johnston Family Connection: "Our Heritage" By Claude Moore
New Johnstone Discussion Board
Old Johnstone Discussion Board
Johnston/Johnstone Clan History
Clan Johnston/e in America
Notes on Early Errors (in Johnstone history)
The Clan Johnstone Heritage Page
Clan Johnston(e) - Sites of Related Interest NEW
Gen Forum Message: NC Johnstone siblings 1700-1775
From a book, "Scots in the Carolinas" by Dobson:
Three children of John Johnstone of Stapleton and his wife Elizabeth Belcher came to NC.
1. Elizabeth Johnstone wife of Thomas Kenan and son Kenneth b 1740. Emigrated via Ireland to Wilmington, NC 1733
2. Gabriel Johnston, Gov NC 1733-1752 b Dundee, Angus. m Frances??? Their daughter was Penelope. Note Frances m John Rutherford after Gabriel died.
3. Gilbert Johnston, b in Scotland (3rd son of John of Johnstone and Elizabeth Belcher) He was father of Gilbert, Henry and Robert. Jacobite in 1745, emigrated to Cape Fear, NC 1746, d 1775

Gen Form Response to Above Query
........ 2 Elizabeth Johnstone
............ +Thomas Kenan 1700 - Abt 1765
................... 3 James Kenan
................... 3 Owen Kenan
................... 3 Michael Johnston Kenan
................... 3 Arabella Kenan
................... 3 Elizabeth Kenan
................... 3 Thomas Kenan
................... 3 Penelope Kenan
................... 3 Jane Kenan

Historic Lanarkshire — see The Johnstones of Annandale
Lochwood Castle — The Seat of the Johnstone Clan
The Lochwood Tower Page — See the "Next Page" links at the bottom. Be sure to look at all three pages and, on the last page, the list of other Johnstone Castles. NEW
Lochwood Tower
Johnstone Manor — in Johnstone Village NEW
Genealogy and History of Dumfries & Galloway — mentions location of the Battle of Dryfe Sands between the Johnstones and the Maxwells NEW
Notes — from somebody's genealogy site. Use "Find in Page" to locate mentions of Johnston. There are a couple of interesting ones, such as when a Johnston married a Maxwell. NEW
Clan Johnstone in Australia
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Malpass Descendants — compiled by Bob Duggan
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The Clans in America
Albion's Seed Grows in the Cumberland Gap
British History Timeline
Cousins Chart — Especially for those who doubted me! This chart shows the "removes," as in 2nd cousin, twice removed.
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North Carolina - Home to many of Johnstone Clan
The county seat of Duplin County is Kenansville and a museum, Freedom Hall, was the family home of the Kenan family. Our line goes back Chandler/Malpass/Frederick/Kenan/Johnstone. Johnston County is named for Gabriel Johnston, colonial governor of North Carolina and brother to our Johnston ancestress, Elizabeth. Johnston County uses the latin version of the Clan Motto and also the Coat of Arms for its own.
History of Johnston County, NC
Johnston County, NC, Home Page
Johnston County Merchandise — includes flags with Johnstone Coat of Arms!
History of Wilmington and Cape Fear area — Wilmington was the port where Elizabeth Johnston and Thomas Kenan landed on arrival from Scotland by way of Ireland
Wilmington History Resources
Johnstone County, NC — site at
Destination Duplin County
The Society of Duplin County Descendants
Query page of The Society of Duplin County Descendants
Welcome to Duplin County
Cowan Museum in Duplin County
Duplin County, NC
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Scotland, Sir Walter Scott, Scottish History
Scotland History NEW
Useful Dates in British History – for the local historian or genealogist NEW
A Chronology of the Duries – "And notable Scots history alongside" NEW
Chronology of Scottish History — includes "This day in . . ." links at the bottom
Scottish History Timeline
Chronolgy of Scottish History NEW
Son of Gregor — provides day-by-day calendar for historical events in Scotland NEW
A Brief History of Scotland
The Gathering of the Clans — dedicated to all things Scottish
The Great Historic Families of Scotland — More than 20 mentions of Johnstone
The Scottish Borders — A Tour
The Scottish Borders
Clickable Street Map of the UK
Annandale and Eskdale
Castle Links
Area around Kirkcudbright — Part of the Border region
Irish and Scottish History — includes a great map showing the Scottish Clans
Scotland's History
An Introduction To Scotland's Rich Culture And Heritage
The Attractions of South West Scotland For Your Interest and Enjoyment — Mentions "our" Devil's Beef Tub, where "we" hid the stolen cattle - stolen only from the enemy English over the border and our enemies the Maxwells, I'm sure!
The Gold of Guadirra (A tale of the Armada.) By John G. Elliot — See Historical Note at the bottom of the page for mention of the Johnston/Maxwell battle at Dryfe Sands and also the maps of the border area. NEW
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Kelly found many of these links, especially the Scottish history ones.
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